enjoy a wholesome

in Miami’s new culinary epicenter

Sushi Garage is a Japanese restaurant with traditional roots, quality ingredients, and proper execution, with a belief in simplicity and details throughout the entire space.

a unique experience

Upon entering the space,
the attention to details
and design are clearly
visible. The clean
contemporary lines with
natural woods create
a sense of warmth
and casual comfort. It is
complimented by the chefs’
vision of simplicity in the
food with a few touches of
modern creativity.

A perfect combination of
passion, service orientation,
craftsmanship and

The team that comprises Sushi Garage
is not only passionate about providing
an outstanding experience, but also
has the required knowhow to deliver it.

sunny oh
gregory gourreau

Great sushi is better enjoyed
amongst a sea of Koi fish

and impeccable design

James Beard Award winner Alejandro Barrios has transformed a former car body shop into a casual space with luxurious touches, crowned by 200 galvanized metal koi fish sculptures by artist Alberto Cavallieri.

Sushi Garage's 99-seat, 4,000 sq. foot floor is covered by handcrafted tiles and uses natural wood finishes with light green tones evoke an organic freshness, with ginger and herbs growing throughout the restaurant.

We offer a round experience of food, service and ambience,
however, you can also enjoy our food through various delivery services,
so we can share a piece of Sushi Garage with you.

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